Sweet Life Spa Product Review

About the company: There are so many reasons why I love this company. Sweet Life Spa was grown out of a passion for effective and safe skincare. The owners extensively research each and every ingredient that they use and make sure that they are retrieved ethically. They utilize as many small farms as they can for their ingredients and only use ingredients that are organic, non-GMO, and of the highest quality. They do not use any water in their products so as to ensure the most potent mixture that they can. They are cruelty-free in that they do not test their finished products on animals and they do not use any ingredients that are tested on animals. They do have honey and beeswax in a few of their products but they only use bee keepers that insure that the bees are not harmed when the honey and wax is retrieved. The owners had sustainability in mind when they created their packaging and made their jars out of glass so that it is recyclable and reusable. Finally, a portion of all of their sales is donated to operation Underground Railroad to help stop human sex trafficking.


Botanical Face Butter: I have been using this moisturizer at night for the past month and have loved the results. My skin has stayed moisturized throughout the extreme cold which is a feat in itself. With this product, a little bit goes a long way. It melts upon contact to your skin to distribute easily and evenly. I will say it feels a bit oily upon initial application but I was pleasantly surprised at how quickly it does dry. I wake up to a face that is not greasy at all so you know that the skin has absorbed the product and it is not just sitting on your face all night. This product is really great for anyone with sensitive skin because it has no synthetic fragrances, added colors, fillers, or anything of the sort. It has a very slight sweet scent to it but that is just the natural scent of the ingredients.


Petal 5 minute facial: First of all, I love gentle physical exfoliators. I love how soft and smooth my face feels afterwards. This product is no different. It leaves my skin feeling amazingly soft with a beautiful rosy glow. Powder exfoliators like this one have quickly become a favorite of mine because of how gentle they are. Being a loose powder you also know there are no added preservatives to the mixture. The main ingredient is colloidal oats which is the same type of oats you take a bath in if you have chicken pox. This type of oat is extremely soothing but also helps to gently remove dead skin cells. Kaolin clay comes in as the second ingredient to help detox the skin. This product does have a stronger scent to it due to the natural scent of the ingredients but it didn’t bother me at all. I recently learned how important it is to exfoliate regularly so that the skin can more easily absorb the moisturizer afterwards so I love using this before applying the face butter.

If you’re curious about the ingredients, the Sweet Life Spa website goes into extensive detail about each and every ingredient in their products and how they can benefit your skin. Visit their site at https://www.sweetlifespa.com

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