About Me


Thank you so much for visiting HealthyasHEC.com! The name comes from my initials Haley Elizabeth Conrady and my love for being healthy- most of the time!

I am studying to get my doctorate in occupational therapy at Indiana University. I currently live in Indianapolis, IN with my husband and perfect cat Nala.

HealthyasHEC was born last summer as an Instagram account meant to share clean skincare/makeup and healthy recipes. Once I started creating my own recipes and heard that people had made them and enjoyed them, I realized how much I enjoy creating dishes to share with others. I’ve also had family and friends reach out to me to get suggestions for how they can switch their skincare and beauty routine and I love being able to provide a few options for them. I hope having this website can help make everything easier to access as I continue to share all the things I learn and create with you all.

All of my recipes are inspired from a desire to share food that shows that eating healthy can also mean eating delicious. All of my meals are vegetarian and most are vegan, but not all. I fully believe in the 80/20 rule: eating healthy 80% of the time and allowing IMG_5620yourself to splurge 20% of the time. Life is too short not to! That is why some of my desserts and meals might not be all that healthy but trust me, you totally deserve them!

I have always had an interest in skincare and makeup but I really dove into it prior to my wedding. (April 14th, 2018 if you were wondering) I first started by switching all of my skincare to cleaner, non-toxic skincare. Then I switched to all 100% cruelty free skincare. Next came my makeup. Throughout this journey of cleaning up my skincare and makeup bags I have learned so much and can’t wait to learn and share more with you all.

I recently made the goal to run a half marathon in every state. So far I have hit three. I will compile a list of all the half marathons I have run and review each of them. I’m so excited to share my journey of running across the United States with you all!

IMG_9267 Thank you for following along with me and feel free to reach out if you have any reviews you’d like to see or recipes you’d like, I’d love to hear them!